Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stone Bridges

(This game will need to be adapted to the teaching items you're teaching and the abilities and interests of the children you teach.)

Target  Language
Q : Can you (play the piano)?
A : Yes, I can.
      No, I can't.

Q : Who is (he)?
A : He is my (grandfather).
Q : Who is (she)?
A : She is my (sister).

Q : Where are you going?
A : I'm going (to the park).
Q : How are you going there?
A : I'm (walking).

Q : Excuse me.
      Where is the(classroom)?
A : It's next to the (office).

two (2) or more

picture cards (teacher cards size)
cards of naughts and crosses (student cards size)
counters (colored magnets)

How to play
Draw two vertical lines parallel to each other mark START and GOAL. Give enough space between the two lines and draw (7) 'stone bridges' in it. Using magnets attach the (7) picture cards (one on each 'stone bridge'). Determine the order of play and give each player a counter (colored magnet). Shuffle enough number of noughts and crosses, make two piles and place them upside down on the playing surface. The players place their counters on START. The first player takes his turn, moves his counter to the first stone bridge. Answers the question and turns over a card from the pile. If the card shows a nought, he moves his counter to the second stone bridge and continue playing. But, if the card shows a cross, he stops playing and remain in the same stone bridge. The second player takes his turn and do the same. The aim is for the player to cross the stone bridges and reach the GOAL first.

Have fun and enjoy Stone Bridges with your children!

Rating   * * * *

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