Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Flick a card.
Flick a card.
Start the game.
And let's have fun!

Siklot is one of the most popular games in the Philippines. The game is usually played by children ages from seven to sixteen years old. It can be played with two, three, four or more players. Indoor or outdoor. I remember having great times playing the game at home with my siblings when I was a kid. In those days having a big family was the norm in the Philippines (I have four brothers and a sister), and in those days we don't have the technologies that children of today have, so when the weather (the Philippines has only two types; super hot or lots of rain) was non-cooperative for an outdoor adventures, we gathered around in one part of the living room and played Siklot.

(This game will need to be adapted to the teaching items you're teaching and the abilities and interests of the children you teach.)

(Reinvented for EFL Class)

Target Language
(Q & A )

two (2) or more

picture cards (students playing card size)
a table or any flat surface

How to play
Determine the order of play. Shuffle the picture cards and deal one each to players, (this card will be use for flicking cards from the pile). Toss the remaining cards in the air. The cards should land on a flat surface, usually in a pile, but sometimes in two or three broken piles. Players say the chant: Flick a card. Flick a card. Start the game. And let's have fun! Players take turn flicking a card from the pile by flipping over, if he is successful, he performs a task (answer a question or ask a question), saves the card to himself and keeps on playing. If he fails to flip over a card, he stops playing and the next player takes turn. The objective of the game is to flip over a card away from the pile. Players keep playing until all cards are gone. The player with the most number of card wins the game.

Have fun and enjoy Siklot with your children!

Rating   * * * *

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