Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fruit Basket

(This game will need to be adapted to the teaching items you're teaching and the abilities and interests of the children you teach.)

Target Language
Q : How's the weather today?
A : It's (sunny) today.

Q : What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?
A : It's going to be (cloudy).

S : I'm hungry.
Q : What do you want?
S : I want (rice) and (fish).

five (5) or more

picture cards (one less tthan the number of players)
chairs (one less than the number of players)

How to play
Players are seated in a circle. Shuffle the picture cards (the weather) and place them upside down on the floor. One by one players pick up a card without letting other players see it . The 'it' stands at the center of the circle, approach one of the player and ask the question, for example; How's the weather (the picture card)? If the answer is;  It's rainy (the picture card)! The players remain seated. But if the answer is; It's sunny (the picture card)! Everybody shouts; Let's play! and exchange seats. The 'it' must also grab a seat. Whoever will be left without a seat will be the next 'it'.  Play several rounds for mastery,

Have fun and enjoy Fruit Basket with your children!

Rating   * * *

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