Monday, June 7, 2010

Frogs In The Pond

(This game will need to be adapted to the teaching items you're teaching and the abilities and interests of the children you teach.)

Target Language
Q : What is that?
A : It's (a chair). 

Q : Where are you going?
A : I'm going to the (park).
Q : How are you going there?
A : I'm (walking).

Q : Who is (he)?
A : He is (Mr. Brown).
Q : What does (he) do?
A : He is (a teacher).

two (2) or more

picture cards
music player

How to play
In random, lay picture cards face down on the floor. Play fast beat music. Children hop in from card to card. When the music stops, children stop hopping and remain where they are. Players find a pair and do Rock-Scissors-Paper. The losser turns over his card and the pair do Q & A. The aim is for players not to step on the floor or on any identified  cards. Children keep playing until all picture cards are all identified. 

Have fun and enjoy playing Frogs In The pond with your children.

Rating   * * *

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