Monday, September 27, 2010


What is PECHA KUCHA? It is a six minutes and forty second presentation consist of twenty slides discussed in twenty seconds each. So fast, yet very informative and effective way to show off or sell your work.  Here I borrowed the phrase and given it a new meaning with this game I created for Halloween.

Target Language
noun (Halloween characters)

ten or more
the whole class

picture cards of Halloween characters

How to play
Divide the players into five (or more) competing teams. Have each team stand at each corner of the room where each team can observe the others. Assign each team a Halloween character and the corresponding verb and action that best describes the character, like;

WICKED WITCH the verb FLY, with action of flying on a broom stick
JACK O' LANTERN the verb ROLL, with action of both hands doing a locomotion
BLACK CAT the verb CREEP, with action of cat like creeping
WHITE GHOST the verb FLOAT, with action of floating in the air
SCARY MONSTER the verb STOMP, with action of feet stomping alternately on the floor

Players say the name of the Halloween character two (2) times, say the verb three (3) times and do the action simultaneously before passing the task to another Halloween character. Example:

Black Cat Team:  Black cat... Black cat... creep, creep, creep to Wicked Witch FLY!
Wicked Witch Team:  Wicked witch... Wicked witch... fly, fly, fly to Jack o' lantern ROLL!
Jack o' Lantern Team:  Jack o' Lantern... Jack o' Lantern... roll, roll, roll to White Ghost FLOAT!
... and so on.

Disqualify any group which commits mistake such as lack of synchronization or wrong action of the verb. Do not allow the action to be passes back to where it directly came.


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