Thursday, August 30, 2012

Halloween and Mabuhay Classroom 2nd Anniversary Presentation

Date:  Monday, October 8th 2012
Time:  10:00 - 6:00
Venue:  Tsukuba Science Information Center
              Tsukuba City
Presenters:  Marco Brazil (IETC Training Director), Eric Kane (ELF Learning), and Oxford Presenter    
Looking for additional activity for your Halloween Party?

In the morning of this celebration, Marco in his "KNOCK... KNOCK! WHO ARE YOU?" presentation will be sharing with you his all-time and time-tested favorite Halloween games for children.

Look who's presenting in the afternoon? The ELF Learning composer and producer himself -- ERIC KANE! And he will be presenting; MUSIC-- NATURE'S BEST COMMUNICATOR! Here is what his presentation is all about. "We all love music. So does our stu...dents. We all love to move. So does our students. Wake up after lunch and discover new ways to use rhythm, actions, and songs in your classroom to help your students enjoy the learning process -- naturally!" This presentation by Eric from ELT Learning needs a lot of GENKI participants, so he will be bringing FREE T-SHIRTS for participants with the most energy!

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