Monday, June 7, 2010

Alphabet Rhythmic Game

(This game will need to be adapted to the teaching items you're teaching and the abilities and interests of the children you teach.)

Target Language
the alphabet

two (2) or more

alphabet cards

How to play
Best tried when children start to gain some mastery over the alphabet. In random, lay the alphabet cards on the playing surface or on the floor. Determine the order of play. The first player picks up letter Aa, says the letter and attach the card on the board. The second player picks up letter Bb, says the letter and attach the card on the board next to letter Aa. The next player picks up letter Cc and do the same. The aim is for the children to make a complete alphabet line from Aa to Zz. Once they're done, the children recite the alphabet together. Next, the teacher removes some letters in random. The children start again saying the alphabet , but when they come to a missing letter, they should not say the missing letter, instead they should clap their hands together. The player who will be out of synch (commit mistake) is eliminated.

Have fun and enjoy playing Alphabet Rhythmic Game with your children.

Rating    * * * *

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